TiteBot #48 – Coronews du 28 mai 2020

TiteBot #48 – Coronews du 28 mai 2020 (49m)

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Antibody testing now suggests 185,000 Angelinos have had coronavirus as USC scientists walk back their initial estimate – but say there are STILL 23 times more people infected than the official tally

Do Lockdowns Work? Mounting Evidence Says No

Professors around America have been caught selling secret research to the Chinese Communist Regime. The national media won’t cover it, so here’s a list of who have been caught so far.

Des asperges du Québec à la poubelle, faute de main-d’oeuvre

Three in 10 negative coronavirus tests may be WRONG: Doctors’ union warns inaccurate Covid-19 swabs could fuel the spread of the disease in hospitals

Surgeon General Doubles Down: Masks Increase Virus Risk


Even mild coronavirus illness leads to antibodies: French study raises hope of immunity for Covid-19 patients who escaped severe symptoms

Finland reveals reopening schools has not seen an increase in coronavirus cases and Norway’s PM admits shutting classes ‘might not have been necessary’

A Study on Infectivity of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Carriers




COVI-PASS™️ can manage the end-to-end (including product tagging) process from test to secure Digital Health Passport. COVI-PASS™️ is agnostic to any Covid-19 test brand or source, and can integrate with all global COVID test manufacturers.

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