BotCast #22 – Freestival Feats of Valor

BotCast #22 Robert-Arthur: Ménard from gives us a conference about our rights in Canada. Recorded at the NewCastle Ontario Freestival on September 15th 2007. You have to listen to this to understand more about your rights as a Canadian citizen. Vous devez écouter pour mieux omprendre vos droits en tant que citoyens canadiens. pour écouter en surround. (1er octobre 2007)

BotCast-0022.mp3 BotCast-0022.m3u,
Break: MWayne ‘subliminal’ Friedly, Righteous Stink (2:31)
OutTro: Elwood, Feats of Valor (4:09) SURROUND
Remerciements: , et .

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