Christopher Bollyn asking for money to clear his name?

In hopes to clear himself of the idea of him not being totally free and not captive to anyone, Christopher Bollyn finally agreed to do an interview with Eric Hufschmid in exchange for 500$. (cache)

If Bollyn needs to clear his name so badly because it is apparently hurting him that people think that he is not free, he should not be asking for money. It should be a given that he give a FREE interview to therefore help his situation. If you want to help your cause, you don’t ask for money, you just go out there and clear your name.

If he is struggling, he CAN go out and perform any crap job, he doesn’t HAVE to be writing to make a living. He can do investigative work in his free time after work, like the rest of us. Well, if he was truly free, that is.


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