BotCast #1 – Point of Departure

BotCast #1, 4 octobre 2006. Ah ha! Le premier BotCast est enfin complété! Encore de l’ajustement à faire pour le niveau de micro pour le prochain cast, il y a des bouts qui sont cochonnés.. mautadit…

Show Notes
Necros, Point of Departure

Download: BotCast-0001.mp3 Stream MP3 & ODEO: BotCast-0001.pls A279; -Talk about the intro (why it will be the only of this version) fact1 poor version

-Intro Tune: Ambient Light, Vogue of Triton for Ultrasound Commercial, FastTracker, XM 18 instruments, 18 samples, 16 patterns, 11different, 4 unused 227k Who is Triton (demos, FastTracker, other side of Future Crew and Scream Tracker Musical Rating: Excellent / Professional

Ambient Light is one of two songs by Vogue (the other being Ambient Power) that blends the ambient and techno styles of music into a pulsing and energetic composition. The only drawback is that it is so short at 1 minute 22 seconds, BUT I think Vogue assumed people would have it looping, which is what this song was made for.

Technical Rating: Excellent / Professional

Vogue is a master composer and tracker, and it is evident from this song. He also has the notability of being the main developer of the tracking program FastTracker, and exploited its capabilites in making this song. This is also a good song to use as a tracking tutorial, with its many uses of effects like pattern breaking. Note that this song does not play correctly in WinAmp.


—————————————– FIRST SEGMENT -black helicopters

——————————————- OUTTRO Tune: Point of Departure Artist: Necros FM/Legend Design/ iCE Year: 1995 Type: S3M Channels: 16 Samples: 20, 8-bit Size: 491 Patterns, 44, 32 different Details: For Progression music disk Why: It’s the beginning of this netcast.


Un gars demande un formulaire pour porter plainte dans un poste de police, et ils… oui oui… l’arrêtent!  (3 minutes)

Light text on dark background vs. readability

What’s up with the current design trend of light text on dark backgrounds? Many web designers seem to favour inverted colour schemes, but what happened to readability and usability?



Vista’s Aero Glass: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Windows Vista provides a host of new features, but the first thing that jumps out is the slick, sleek Aero interface. Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the new interface and what’s required to get the most out of it.



Gmail Audio Player

Gmail has a built-in player for MP3 attachments. If you receive emails that include MP3 files (maybe a podcast or a public domain recording), you can listen them directly from Gmail.



===Softick Card Export II=== From Ben Lucas Ben Lucas comes in this hour with a great program, Softick Card Export II, so what’s it all about? “Using Softick Card Export II it’s possible to access SD/MMC card inserted into Palm OS device as a logical disk on the Windows desktop. Card Export II emulates USB Mass Storage device and doesn’t require any additional drivers on modern desktop systems.” All devices excluding Sony Clies work fine plus all Treo’s. [|] Wi-Fi Helping To Fight War On Terror

Cell phones have become a key way for terrorists to detonate bombs remotely. But a Bay Area company has developed a possible solution for the military and for airports to pinpoint them before it’s too late.



Do you need multi-tasking in a mobile device?

For those that may have missed this, Mobile Gadgeteer put together a very good written editorial entitled Do you need multi-tasking in a mobile device? “I was hunting for some news in the mobile community and stumbled across an article titled, Palm OS–not the best for the multitasker, and thought it would be a good article to read and discuss a bit. I started out with Palm devices and after bouncing around for a couple more years I settled primarily on the Treo 650 for over a year, before going back to a S60 smartphone.”



AOL fires employees over search data scandal

The corporate guillotine has been wheeled out to deal with the apocalyptic fallout from AOL’s infamous decision to release “anonymous” search data on hundreds of thousands of users for research purposes.



Une petite fille de 9 ans demande à sa maman : – Quel âge as-tu, maman ? – Cela ne se demande pas ma chérie, lui répond sa mère. – Combien tu mesures, maman ? – Cela n’est pas important ma chérie, reprend la mère. – Maman, pourquoi toi et papa avez divorcé ? Redemande la petite fille. – Cela ne te regarde pas ma chérie, dit la mère en terminant la discussion. La petite fille demanda à sa meilleure copine pourquoi les adultes ne parlent pas de ces choses-là. Sa copine lui dit : – C’est vraiment simple, toutes les réponses à nos questions sont sur leur carte d’identité. Le lendemain la petite fille fouille dans le sac à mains de sa mère et trouve sa carte d’identité. Elle est ravie de voir que son amie disait vrai, toutes les réponses à ses questions s’y trouvent ! Elle court alors voir sa mère et lui dit : – Maman, je sais ton âge. – Ah oui ? Et j’ai quel âge ? – 36 ans. Et je sais combien tu mesures. – Ah oui ? Combien ? – 1 mètre 71. Et je sais aussi pourquoi toi et papa avez, divorcé. – Et bien cela m’étonnerait fort ! – Tu as eu un F en sexe… et çà, ce n’est vraiment pas une bonne note!

[Editor’s note: Pat Robertson is probably the most notorious representative of the Hollywood churches, also known as Christian Taliban,…



Cheat Sheet: Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is one of those phrases which we’re hearing a lot about currently. Everybody says they’re very excited about it but do they really know what it is?


  Subject: Make tents fit in the transport bag

Israeli press reports about the Israeli Defense Force’s Chief of Staff dumping stocks just before war broke out served as…



Apple fires retail employees for downloading Leopard

Filed under: Desktops, Laptops

Nobody touches Big Brother’s Apple’s OS until they’re good and ready — not nobody. Apparently not even Apple employees are beyond the long arm of the law, since a few Apple Retail employees have been sacked after being overheard by the Thought Police co-workers while discussing their evil deeds, and were subsequently reported to corporate. Their crime? Downloading the WWDC edition of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that was handed out to developers at the recent keynote and has been <


South Koreans make hydrogen solid for a brighter fuel cell future

Filed under: Transportation

While storing hydrogen as a solid by fusing it to titanium isn’t an entirely new idea, a team of South Korean scientists look to be the first to find a reliable and efficient method of doing so. The solid-state storage of hydrogen has long been a goal of fuel cell systems, since it does away with those nasty explosive notions of storing hydrogen at a high pressure and low temperature. Apparently the new method being unveiled by the team from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology not only manages to bind hydrogen with titanium into the form of a stable solid that has much less


14-year-old girl sues friend over missing iPod

Filed under: Portable Audio

You gotta love the litigousness of youth — especially when there’s an iPod involved. A spat over a missing iPod resulted in a lawsuit in Wheaton, Illinois, when 14-year-old Shannon Derrik sued her (now former) friend Stephanie Eick for losing her brand new iPod. It seems that Shannon made the fool mistake of lending her iPod to Stephanie, who decided it’d be a good idea to give back the iPod by leaving it on Shannon’s desk rather than waiting for her to return from the restroom to hand it over in person. The iPod managed to disappear — apparently someone in that classroom had some sticky fingers — and so Shannon sued for $475


Maybe I should get one of these

TechEBlog is reporting on a “Ubuntu Linux controlled DIY cat feeder and water dispenser” created by a fellow named Lee Holmes.

Lee uses his “JasJar PDA phone to SSH into the box, and feed[s] the cats on demand just by running the script.”

The computer runs Ubuntu Linux, so a crontab entry controls the scheduling. The script calls eject /mnt/cdrom to open the CD Rom, delays, and eject –t /mnt/cdrom to close it again.

Head over to TechEBlog and watch the video .



Best Buy: “Media Center – OLD / DO NOT USE”

Filed under: Media PCs

Best Buy Canada’s online megastore wants to break it down for you about the HP A1410N Media Center they have on sale for a mere $644.97 (after $55 mail-in rebate): it’s old and should not be used. Maybe they’re trying to cover their asses in case of buyer’s remorse (obsolescence is now instantaneous), maybe it’s one of those rare instances of truth in advertising, or maybe, just maybe, they’re using some powerful reverse psychology on us, telling us not to use the HP A1410N so that we’ll lust after it that much more. It has to be something, because we just ordered a half-dozen of ’em. [Via reddit]

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An Orem Utah-based forensics company is now selling metal mesh bags that it claims will stop identity thieves from accessing the newer US E-Passports. Paraben Corporation, known for their mobile phone forensic kits, is selling a nickel, copper and silver mesh “Passport StrongHold” bag will block RFID transmissions from hitting unopened passports.


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