MP3 – Home is where the heart is. The question of jurisdiction – Douglas Spink

MP3 – Home is where the hear is. The question of jurisdiction – Douglas Spink

A presentation on the subject of corporate legal jurisdictions and related topics. While this sounds boring on the surface, it’s actually not – and is more and more relevant every year for those in the tech game. As physical human beings, we do in fact have a “home jurisdiction” in the legal sense, which is wherever we are living at present. However, corporations are also “people” in the legal sense but have a flexibility of where they call home. This ties into areas of international legal issues, corporate governance, privacy of company information, financial systems/banking, personal versus corporate liability, and so on. Basically, for anyone from a coder who wants “a company” to bill his clients through, all the way up to major tech projects that span multiple jurisdictions in a sophisticated way, few of us who play the tech game are not directly impacted by the question of where a company lives, where it calls home.


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