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What you are asking the Notary Public to accomplish


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Directions to a Notary Public

Whereas Section 18 of the Notary Act does empower you to perform any duties found under any statute and whereas I do believe justice will only be served by a member of the Notary Society as I have made claims against a member of the Law Society, you are hereby charged and empowered to do the following lawful actions in order to serve justice and your Oath:

  1. You will witness the attestation of an Affidavit and of a Notice of Understanding and Intent and a Claim of Right.
  2. You will open up a file in your office and therein you will keep the originals of said instruments.
  3. You will create certified true copies of those documents and give those to ___________________________________________ for service upon affected parties as named within the Affidavit.
  4. ____________________________________________ will serve those documents and then attest to the service by way of a Certificate of Service, which you will also witness. Said Certificate will then be placed in the file previously opened.
  5. You will wait TEN DAYS from date of service in order to give the affected parties a chance to either accept the claims silently or send you a sworn and attested Affidavit created upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury contesting the beliefs, understandings and claims made in the originating Affidavit and Notice.
  6. If within TEN DAYS you receiver a proper Affidavit contesting the claims made you will contact the original Affiant and Claimant and inform them of the existence of contest. The contact number for said action is ________________________________.
  7. In the absence of any contesting Affidavit you will sign a Default Judgment and Permanent Estoppel by Acquiescence barring the charging or prosecution of the claimant for the exercise of rights claimed and recognized by lack of contest.
  8. All of these directives are completely lawful, within your mandate and necessary for the proper administration of justice. Failure to accept and follow these directives is an abandonment of your duties and a breach of your Oath.



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