Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Exemple de tableau de frais (Fee Schedule) conçu par Fogman


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Fee Schedule

I, Xxxxx-Xxxxx: Xxxxxx and on behalf of XXXXXX  XXXXXXX, reserves the right to charge separately all parties involved in the limitation or transgression of my rights, liberties, freedom or my time. These rights notably include, but are in no way reduced to, the right to move, to communicate, to my integrity and safety. This is based on the principle that all human beings are equal and therefore none can compel another into submission.

The amounts below are the figures for the year 2008 and will be increased by a cumulative 3% on each subsequent year. All amounts are to be fully paid within the following seventy-two hours after this fee schedule is produced. Payment must be made in form of either money, check, gold or silver or any other proposed method I deem acceptable upon receiving payment. Furthermore, failure to honor a payment will lead to a surcharge of compound interests of 3% per day until payment is received.

Performing or ordering one or several of the following limitations or transgressions of my rights, liberties, freedom or my time with the knowledge of the existence of this fee schedule will result in its automatic acceptance by all parties involved. All amounts are in Canadian dollars. If the legal tender known as Canadian Dollar is no longer in use, then all amounts below are considered as worth their equivalent when the new currency is officially introduced.

– Physically restricting in any way my immediate freedom of movement with an object such as, but not limited to, handcuffs, tie-wraps or a straitjacket: 500$ per hour or fraction thereof;

– Keeping me in an area for detention or observation, including, but not limited to, the inside of any vehicle, jail or holding cell: 5000$ per hour or fraction thereof;

– Transporting me to a different location distant by at least 50 meters of my original location without my explicit and formal consent: 2000$ in addition to the cost for private transportation back to my original location;

– Performing a search without my explicit and formal consent, or without a warrant, of either myself, my vehicle or residence: 10 000$ in addition to, if applicable, the replacement by a professional of any damaged or broken item;

– Confiscating, seizing or denying me, willfully or through negligence, the access to any of my private property, including but not limited to my residence, a firearm and bank accounts, without a proper warrant: 500$ per hour or fraction thereof. Moreover, the permanent loss of a unique item or property, including without being limited to a domestic animal, will mean a compensation of 5000$;

– Impairing in any way my ability to communicate, including denying me a full-time access to a functional phone with an active line free of monitoring and spying: 2000$ per hour or fraction of thereof;

– The use of an electroshock device or a lachrymatory agent on myself: 10 000$;

– Directly, or through negligence while I am under custody, conducting or allowing the infliction of physical harm or pain: 100 000$. Moreover, directly collecting samples such as saliva, blood, skin, hair or dejection: 10 000$;

– The administration, without my explicit and formal consent or without that from one of my sisters or common-law partner, of a medicine, a sedative, a narcotic, a vaccine or a psychoactive agent, whether it be natural or chemical in nature, through any means except where such administration is undeniably vital to my direct survival or recovery from a physical trauma and that none of the aforementioned parties in this paragraph are able to answer for me: 100 000$;

– Requesting or forcing my employment for menial or administrative work or interfering with one of my source of income will mean compensation: 500$ per hour or fraction thereof;

Be aware that these fees do not restrict me from conducting legal procedures in the advent of an unlawful or illegal act covered or not in this fee schedule.

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