TiteBot #34 – Preventing Daily Mind Hacks (HOPE9 unscheduled talk)

TiteBot #34. Preventing Daily Mind Hacks – Botrax talk at HOPE 9 in the 4th unscheduled track on July 23rd 2012



HTML Online Presentation


PDF Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

KeyNote Presentation


[wpfilebase tag=file path=’BotCast/TitesBots/2013/TiteBot#34/Botrax-Preventing-Daily-Mind-Hacks.pdf’ /]

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’BotCast/TitesBots/2013/TiteBot#34/Botrax-Preventing-Daily-Mind-Hacks.ppt’ /]

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’BotCast/TitesBots/2013/TiteBot#34/Botrax-Preventing-Daily-Mind-Hacks.key’ /]





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