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Maybe it would be interesting for me to come post here if someone told me about this post. I just checked and the contact section of my site works fine. :-) It’s there for a reason.

“Ignore it, because it’s borderline illegal in this country?”

Please explain to me what that means. Last time I checked, Common Law, which regulates human behavior in Canada, nothing can restrict free speech, not even all the laws of the government have passed and could ever pass in all their wildest wet dreams. That’s because government laws don’t apply to humans, only the government ID it has given you, which are two different things which have different sets of applicable laws.

To know more: (you can verify the information on your own, which is awesome because all these beautiful people do that kind of stuff on

Watch the videos

Intro to your human rights (20 part video):

Compile audio of all 20 parts:

Even if you decided to speak under your government ID name and and not your human name under Common Law, the De Facto government of Canada still allows you to disobey the government according to it’s own laws.

“Obedience to de facto law

15. No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission in obedience to the laws for the time being made and enforced by persons in de facto possession of the sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs.”

R.S., c. C-34, s. 15.

Then, no, it is not borderline illegal in Canada or any other country of the Commonwealth. You should not censor yourself for any reason when you are in the business of exposing the truth.

However, I may be way off. If you have another understanding of the laws how they are now, that effectively allows free speech to be suppressed, please provide this information for my continued education.

Better information is always what we, and Mtl911truth, look for when exposing what the truth. It is the primordial element of our truth movements, to learn new info and change our ideas, understand better as new elements come into view. In our nature of perpetually examining new info, I already pleases me that you will examine the information I have just provided in this comment.

You will find that this new information brings some key aspects as ways out of global control of the elites, an escape out of their controlling laws. People effectively use this information to be left alone by the government.

I feel it is a key element of evolution to the truth movement, the element of exiting the control of these globalist elites.

Don’t encourage political correctness, it is another Zionist mind control method to destroy our society. People need to be offended, to be challenged and changed to evolve. If someone is never corrected on things, never being told because of political correctness, the learning and evolving does not happen. This control method prevents evolution. Do not encourage it. If you are not comfortable with the term “Zionist”, it is most likely because of lack of information on the subject. That’s fine. There is much information available you can look for. The subject needs to be understood. Change “Zionist” to “care bears” if you really have to, as long as you understand that political correctness is there to limit us in our societal evolution by the nature of what is suggests. Do not be politically correct. You can be fair, tactful and effective without it.

Botrax has been examining aspects of truth since 2002, and has been exposing truth since 2006 in his online audio show, Le BotCast with Cheese. TestDummy has joined him early in 2007 to improve the show.

This audio with Eric Hufschmid is meant as an English wedge into my French audience on Le BotCast with Cheese, my show in which I expose truth with my co-host TestDummy. It is meant to expose the French speaking audience to some other aspects of what is going on, to stimulate exploration of these subjects. It also a treat to finally speak to Eric after all these years, myself having offered very minute error correction contributions to his book back in the day.

Our show is “Le BotCast with Cheese” at for any interested French people in learning some truth about certain things. Also on where others also expose different stuff through audio shows.

9/11 is a re-occurring subject that we cover here and there, with some more dedicated work done here as guests on and Kraken’s Paradise Radio:

TestDummy & Botrax contribuent à la discussion sur les faussetées sur 9/11 à RadioShockLive

KPR: Episode VII – Poulpe Double Cheeze

Voici l’épisode 7 du KraKeN’s Parad!se: Spécial Network, XL edition. Pour cette 7e édition, on reçoit la visite du Botte Casque Whip Chiiz ( On largue les amarres avec les traditionnelles newz techno, suivies ensuite du segment gaming, le tout enhancé par les commentaires fromagés de Botrax et TestDummy. Ensuite pour faire changement on continue et l’équipage fait un retour sur le 11 septembre.

We have been active on 9/11 truth.

I am glad to see that you link to USS Tropicana in your Québec Links section. . USS Tropicana is avid fan of Le BotCast with Cheese and it is our understanding that we have created him, we have inspired him to stand up and be heard. :-)

Good job.


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