BotCast #73 – Censure Médicale (décembre 2021)

Items de censure médicale collectés en Décembre 2021 (52m31s) 16 janvier 2022

Versions vidéo:
Youtube: CENSURÉ

Facebook censors Wuhan lab whistleblower Li-Meng Yan

British Medical Journal criticizes Facebook over “inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible” “fact-check” used to censor

Governments Want Crackdown on Telegram App Used to Organize Anti-COVID Lockdown Protests.

FDA wanted YouTube to pull video for “misinformation”

Bill Gates Calls for Governments to Censor Social Media and Celebrates ‘The New Normal’

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets

WOW! Dr. Collins’ Successor, Lawrence Tabak, Is Only Person CC’d on “Takedown” Collusion Memo Against Great Barrington Dissenting Doctors

Media SILENT As Hundreds of Thousands of Australian Workers RISE UP In Revolt Against ‘New World Order’ Vaccine Mandates

Always use DuckDuckGo as your search engine for health and safety topics, never Google, and here’s why

FOIA request of NIH says there are no documents about “gain-of-function” website definition removal

UK TV Show Deletes Poll After 89% Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

YouTube Tightens Their Censorship Rules Even More

Google’s parent company takes a step towards the pharmaceutical industry

The Latest Google Censorship Due to Their Vaccine Investment

Google Is Now a Pharmaceutical Company

Google sister-company Verily is teaming with big pharma on clinical trials

Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company




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