Matt Maloney, CEO of food delivery service Grubhub, is demanding that all employees who agree with Donald Trump’s rhetoric resign immediately.

Fox News reports that Maloney delivered his demand via a company-wide email with the subject line, “So… that happened… what’s next?’

The email’s body begins, “I’m still trying to reconcile my own worldview with the overwhelming message that was delivered last night.”

Maloney, who has been a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout this election, goes on to blast Trump for his “demeaning, insulting and ridiculing” behavior.

Many of the President-elect’s comments, says Maloney, “would have resulted in his immediate termination.”

Image: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg

Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney (Image: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg)

Alright, fair enough. Maloney is a man with an opinion. A bit of an unsolicited opinion, yeah, but so far nothing too offensive.

But then you get down to the second-last paragraph and it reads, “If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here. We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.”

Many people took note of that line and have called Matt Maloney out on it.

Conservative author Tammy Bruce was one of them.

Maloney’s critics aren’t even all Trump supporters; it seems anyone with even half a sense of decency knows what the CEO says is just plain wrong.

In response to the backlash, Maloney has released a statement insisting that he didn’t actually mean for pro-Trump employees to resign.

Rather, the CEO says people simply misinterpreted the message of his email, which he says is “that we do not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace.”

Many experts, however, aren’t so convinced.

In an interview with Fox News, business founder Mark Horstman said the email has “a chilling effect on people’s perception of their rights.”

Business author Bruce Tulgan, also speaking to Fox, said the political message Maloney was apparently trying to convey could make people feel “uncomfortable or un-welcomed at work.”

What do you think of the email? Check it out in its entirety below.


Note how the words, “If you do not agree with this statement…” go directly at the end of the email, making it very hard to interpret it as anything other than ‘if you do not agree with everything you’ve just read, gtfo.’

Fox News

  • Hawk Hopper

    “We’re so inclusive that we will actively force resignations from everyone deem to be deplorable.”

  • So, based on the second statement, he needs to fire himself because of the first email.

    • cargosquid


      • Original email: “If you don’t agree with my statement, respond with your resignation because you have no place here”

        Second statement: “we do not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace”

        In otherwords — I’m discriminating against you for your beliefs, how you voted, etc.. (in the original email) — and since they don’t tolerate discriminatory activity.. GTFO CEO.

        • CT

          Yep! I noticed that too.

        • none

          You my friend are great. I thought the same.

        • BoomerBabe

          He is one of many intolerant idiots who call themselves enlightened while blasting people like me, who disagree with them. I’m a lifelong democrat who switched parties this summer due to Obama and Hillary, plus the fact that my democratic peers constantly subjected me to this type of harassment because I disagreed with them.

          • dotbox

            I hope you are still sharing what you’ve learned, Many are still panicking in agony, believing they’ll be hunted down and killed now by non-existent people Hillary and Obama told them about.

          • lball

            Welcome. Personally, I’m a conservative, but I respect the soul searching and thought it takes to switch. We don’t expect perfection, just rationale thought. 🙂

        • cargosquid


        • Qboy

          That’s not what he said moron, he said if you have a problem not discriminating others then resign

          • And in doing so he was discriminatory. But yes, I’m the moron.

          • Scott Gordon

            discriminatory by saying that he will not tolerate trumps hateful racist ideals in his business? where did it say “If you voted for trump resign”? it did not you ASSUME because other told you what to ASSUME. read the words as the are written , nevermind, trumptards are too far gone to educate in comprehension

            you fucks are insane

          • You seem to be struggling to understand what discrimination is… and also what being ‘hateful’ is. Let me help — you’re doing both.

        • lball

          Nice, Will. I saw that too. One of the many reasons they lost. They either don’t care they are doing exactly what they complain is horrendous, discrimination. Or they are too stupid to recognize they are doing what they claim to despise.

    • Per Knutsen

      I Immediately reacted on that too.

  • VerifyEverything

    Boycott and bankrupt this idiot.

    • Clockwork Potato

      Look How Much The Stock Has Dropped!!

  • Lord_of_Lotion

    I never heard of this craptasm until he decided to turn his workplace hostile. Now I know to avoid it like the plague.

  • Kris Heenk

    Pending “Hostile Work Environment” lawsuits perhaps?

  • Saitama

    show him what applied democracy is. he might get a good view from behind some bars, or back to selling lemonade

  • RIconservative

    Anyone working for GrubHub who is a conservative, please sue immediately. A Hostile work environment is unacceptable.

    • King Swahhilii

      You posted virtually word for word what I was thinlking.

      • Robert Harbord Hamond

        Great minds think alike.

    • Robert Harbord Hamond

      Yes, rinse this moron.

      • mckenzey

        If only we could.

    • Black Dynamite

      Yes, bigots expose yourself and sue! I agree! Do it!

      • JustinTime01

        “Bigot”: You use that word but I don’t think you understand the irony of it.

        • Scott Gordon

          please explain further

          • lball

            Ever hear of a dictionary? Bigot- a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. from Oxford dictionaries. That’s it. As Justin above pointed out, people shouldn’t use words they don’t understand. It’s why I laugh when it’s used. You can’t villify someone else without being one yourself. I’ll make it simpler, you can be a bigot BY opposing something like racism. Pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to call someone a bigot without being one yourself, unless you agree with whatever issue you are naming.

      • dotbox

        Careful Dynamite, it takes one to know one. You just came into focus.

        • Scott Gordon

          is it bigotry to hate bigots? you moron

          • lball

            You mean if you care about the DEFINITION of words? Yes, you can.

      • MajorRockStar

        Just to enlighten you, everyone is bigoted about something. Trump is bigoted towards Islamic racialist, and Matt Maloney is bigoted towards his employees that supported Trump. You also seem bigoted towards his Trump supporting employees. See everyone is a bigot about something. You’re a bigot, Trump’s a bigot, Matt’s a bigot. Everyone’s a bigot. It’s not a bad thing, it’s what makes us individuals.

    • G.m. Cox

      That is not what he said at all! Y’all take whatever Fox News says as gospel. They lie a lot. But what he said was that if you (employees) that supported Trump feel like because he won the election think you (employees) can harass the target of his hateful campaign (minorities, immigrants, disabled,and women) while working for this company will not tolerate such behavior. If you don’t think you can reframe the discrimination or harassment then email your resignation. The fact that y’all think someone saying discrimination, racism, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated is saying that he telling Trump supporters to resign says more about what you and Trump stand for. Y’all know he meant the harassment and discrimination wouldn’t be tolerated! Stop lying on people! Just stop! Read the email again! Did anyone even read the email he sent out or does that matter for him either. Y’all don’t care about the email if it supports false agendas. What are going to say about Trumps emails with Russia when those are revealed!

      • RJ

        Can’t you read the e-mail?

        • Robert Mull

          You expect a kid these days to be able to read after coming out of the indoctrination center???

        • Tom Gallen

          Maybe some people are reading the e-mail using the Common Core method. You take all of first letters in each word then read the middle letters backward and then add up up the last letters and then and then divide by two. I think that’s how it’s done.

      • ramslauk

        What he actually said, although in an unnecessarily verbose way, was that “if you don’t share my political views, then just quit.”

        He didn’t just criticize Mr. Trump and his followers. He went a lot further.

        • Vega

          Again, No, he fucking didn’t. What he said was if you think Trump’s unacceptable behavior is okay in the workplace, then quit. Don’t try to imply what wasn’t said. That’s the kind of crap that gives people a headache.

          • twilightmoon

            “Again, No, he fucking didn’t.”

            So you were wrong originally and want to double down on posting something false?

            Seems legit.

          • Vega

            please show me exactly what he said that made you think otherwise. Because if anyone is posting something false, it’s the crybabies that feel their job is suddenly being threatened.

          • RIconservative

            President Trump. WOHOOOO. Buh Bye Hillary…

          • AP Mustard

            No, he said nothing about behavior. He was intentionally policing personal attitudes and opinions.

        • Scott Gordon


          These morons want to sue him for trying to erase hate in his business., Grub hub should hire Syrians , Muslims and Blacks to work side by side with the hate mongers

          • ramslauk

            Well, whether Mr. Trump’s rhetoric really has been hateful is open to discussion.

            That, however, is not the point. Mr. Maloney didn’t just take a stand against bad behavior; he also tried to sensor his employees’ VIEWS. Read the e-mail, please.

      • Joe Nason

        What color is the sky in your world? (from a libertarian by the way)

        • lball

          One of my preferred queries when the “are you crazy look” is missed! 🙂

      • Gabriela

        Just Curious? would he had sent the same email out if Hillary won, to protect employees that supported Trump? Wake up, it is the Liberals that are intolerant. Conservatives have a belief, I don’t know, religion for example. If we stand by a belief and find it morally not ok. So, what! I am a Christian and have my beliefs, if you want to live a lifestyle I do not agree with not my problem, do what you want. It is when Liberals calling us racist,sexist,anti gay, etc………. Is the difference. Not all, but majority lets you live how you want, it is the Liberals that have a life style and probably to feel better about their choice, uses the government to force us to go against our beliefs. You can do what ever you want, the reason Trump won is, because the majority of Americans just want to live their lives and really don’t care what people do in their private life. It is when we are forced and told you don’t follow the Liberal agenda in a nutshell a Nazi.. Again, do not hate Mexicans, because I want the border protected. Again, do not hate Muslims, since we need to figure out how to make sure they want to be here for the good and stop visas till we are sure. Do not hate transgenders, because I want a female bathroom. Do not hate gays, because I find it unfair that churches and Christians that own bakeries get sued if they don’t take their business. I think most Trump supporters accept peoples choices, it is the Liberals that are the problem forcing for acceptance is the problem. Not everyone likes your choice, so find someone that does.

        • Scott Gordon

          maybe trump can create a business where racists and hate mongers can work

      • Xman3

        So I guess you voted for the deplorable, deceitful, lying, crook woman. Some 60 Million idiots did. That is just plain sad for America.

        • Scott Gordon

          you assume too much, upteen investigations and no wrong doing found in each and every one of them, only a racist would elect a racist,Fraud, pussy grabbing, conman to office , and no I did not vote for Hillary or Trump, neither are worthy

      • Chad K

        “At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      • twilightmoon

        You clearly didn’t read what he wrote or have no idea how to comprehend what you read. I recommend you stop posting on the internet and take a reading course so that you can read above a 3rd grade level.

        • Scott Gordon

          see the artcle about trump talking like a 3rd grader. well thats how he got so many morons to vote for him, see they think education is a bad thing.

      • grambott

        mind reader not

      • RIconservative

        PRESIDENT TRUMP… wohooo. What a great time. Buh Bye Obama your legacy is now certain to be destroyed…thank God.

      • Chrissums

        If you are illegal in this country, you deserve to live in fear.

      • Chrissums

        Seeing as Russia is on the highest alert since the cold war, thanks largely to the current Moron in Chief, I am extremely happy that someone is in office that can work with Putin. I am a bit worried about those new Satan 2 Nuclear Missiles that they just rolled out.

    • crankywhitewoman

      You read my mind.

    • reydragk

      Political affiliation is not a legally protected class. They don’t have grounds for a lawsuit.

      Being discriminated against with little recourse sure does suck, doesn’t it?

      • lball

        Shouldn’t you be screeching free speech? It’s their right! You can’t fire someone just because they have an opinion that is different! You know, all the LIES that are spewed when its some crazy attacking the US. Of course he can fire, and of course he can have whatever rules he wants short of criminal activity at his business. Pretty stupid business wise to alienate the WINNING side in an election. He is going to learn that the hard way. I was someone considering trying them. One less customer that he doesn’t want anyway.

        • Clockwork Potato

          Look How Much The Stock Has Dropped!!

          • Scott Gordon

            shows the world who the racist pigs are…

        • Scott Gordon

          you can fire racists and hate mongers to protect your business

      • Steven H

        Discrimination in the workplace doesn’t require a protected class–it can be suited on the individual level.

      • RIconservative

        How’d you like election night? I bet you wept…. What a great night. We were up until 4 in the morning laughing and singing and dancing. It was great. One of the best parts was switching over to MSNBC to see your buddies weeping . HAHAHAHA!!!!!

        • Scott Gordon

          real Americans cried because we are headed to a hitler like state.

          • lball

            Quick history lesson for the truly ignorant. Nazi is an abbreviation for National socialists. Which party has all the socialists? (hint #1-it’s not the republicans)(hint #2- PC and it’s enforcers ARE ABSOLUTELY Fascism) Which party prides itself on all of it’s PC minions? (see hint #1 again) Crack a book sometime.

          • RIconservative

            LOL… Everyone you disagree with is Hitler….how childish. Read a history book moron.

      • Tom Gallen

        Yup, been there, done that!

      • Vindosenos

        Political affiliation is not covered by federal law but several states include it on their list of protected classes. Also, his statement could be construed by the courts as harassment which is illegal everywhere.

        • Scott Gordon

          this has nothing to do with party affilliation, has everything to do with keeping hate and racism out of his business.

          • Vindosenos

            I didn’t say party affiliation I said political affiliation but it amounts to the same thing under the law. For example, New York law reads: “it shall be unlawful for any employer or employment agency to refuse to hire, employ or license, or to discharge from employment or otherwise discriminate against an individual in compensation, promotion or terms, conditions or privileges of employment because of an individual’s political activities”

            Matt Maloney specifically called on employees who support the incoming presidents policies to resign. That was way out of line and probably opens him up to litigation. Also, you might want to consider Donald Trump did in fact win, with Republican majorities in both houses of congress. Think about that awhile, do you really want it to be acceptable for employers to fire people over politics?

      • Scott Gordon

        LOL these morons want to sue him for hating trumps hatefulled rethoric, ironic or coincidence?

        • lball

          Sue? Most here don’t support that. Getting out the info that this guy thinks this AND will threaten his employees with it, is good-to-know info. I defend his right to do this. Stupid is as stupid does. But I’ll never buy his product.

        • Vindosenos

          No actually we want his employees to sue him for bullying them. He can say whatever he wants about the president elect, that is his first amendment right, but that’s different than threatening a persons livelihood because you have a problem with their politics. Maloney is the one being hateful here.

    • egarae

      Did you care when the coal mine owner did pretty much the same damn thing and said if you don’t vote GWB you won’t have a job, and oh, stand over there while GWB gets a rally shot for re-election… your rights be damned… because you work for me… hmmm no conservative outcry then…

    • Scott Gordon

      why? because you think you have the right to hate others? his email said nothing about trump workers quiting, it stated if you agree with trumps hateful rethoric you should resign. maybe he should hire Syrians,muslims and blacks to work along side these thinskinned morons who twist words to mean something totally different

      • RIconservative

        You truly are an idiot. He threatens to fire people for their private, personal beliefs, but because you are a butthurt little libtard and agree you are willing to look the other way. Pathetic.

  • Sounds like a hostile work environment.

  • ReneeWatson

    this so falls under discrimination

    • Danniel Mendoza

      That’s why he’s asking them to resign instead of firing them.

      • DStuff

        Still exceeds the standard for “Hostile work environment”.

      • Vincent Van Halen

        Hostile work environment. Same would apply if another CEO called for the resignations of employees who agree with Hillary agenda.

        • dotbox

          yes it would, but it’s not likely that would have happened. It’s been the leftists have done the most damage during and now, after the election. Excuse me, more like THE DAMAGE. Trump supporters broke nothing, burned nothing.

  • dennis williams

    Like I would want to work for a mindless dickless tool like this in the first place.

  • cargosquid

    Sooooo….apparently….. HILLARY’S corruption, lying, illegal actions, and contempt are just fine standards for Grub Hub.

  • William Robert Guerra

    he’s also a dunce like most typical librlas…ttrump never made fun of the disabled…the clinton campaign spliced together videos to make it look that way but it was all a LIE…scary that someone in his position is such a sheep that he relies on what we now know is the deceitfulness of the media for his thinking…

    • CoolBreeze

      I don’t think it was a splicing. The fact is Trump has only one impersonation technique, and it is exactly the same for everyone. Every impersonation is him waving his arms around just in just thee same fashion. I have seen video of impersonations he did years ago of different people. They all look the same.

      • John Miller

        Thats correct. But they did freeze frame pictures of him with his hand in a position and posted one of the reporter next to him to.make it look like mocking. Go here and read and watch this video. Very enlightening:

        • CoolBreeze

          Well, that is typical dirty Democrat politics for you . God forbid the truth get in the way of a good attack angle!

      • rb

        Yes, which clearly showed he wasn’t making fun of a disabled person.

      • Dayna Hamilton

        Yep, you nailed it. I tried explaining that to a neighbor who hates Trump for that one video, she was unable to believe me because she ‘saw it with her own eyes…’

        • CoolBreeze

          I don’t blame her. It really bothered me until I saw the other impersonations. It really does look like he is making fun of a handicapped person. Even in the videos where it is about someone else! Your neighbor is going to have to see the proof with her own eyes to believe it.

  • Shawn Doe

    Do you think any employees could take legal action?

  • Ernst Schneider

    the cherry picked lines don’t seem nearly as sinister when you read the entire message. in fact, it kinda seems like he was referring the previous sentence, not the entire thing with the ‘you have no place here’ bit. *shrug*

    • Mirinda Mikesell

      Regardless, He is not just some superior. He is the CEO of the company. When he sends out an email you’re expected, as an employee, to pay attention. It’s part of the job. At the very least, he’s opened himself up to litigation for any person who gets let go in the future. He has shown his company to be a very intolerant place and one can only imagine what they’re willing to tolerate in that work environment if the CEO is going to spout it. If outside people with 0 interests in that company are reacting like they are, how can anyone expect an employee (who is relying on him for food, shelter, clothes, bills, supporting a family etc) to feel? Substitute “Trump” for “Obama”.

  • athousandmonkeys

    As usual, the ignorant delusion of the left is only exceeded by their hypocrisy.

  • Tess Schultz

    IF, as he says, his words were “misinterpreted”, or if they came out sounding not as he intended, I wonder how he feels. I don’t know how else to “interpret”, “If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here. We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.” Is his attitude in itself not hateful of Trump supporters? He should have taken a good look @ what happened to Hillary before he opened his mouth. Does no one understand that we Americans are tired of BS exactly like this?

  • Mike Richard

    This goes against the law. Trump supporters need to sue his ass

  • Roger Cotton

    His was an incredibly foolish and petulant tantrum born of arrogance and self-righteousness.

  • Stephen Holland

    This would be illegal under Australia’s workplace and human rights legislation it is workplace bullying and discriminatory.

    Typical of a liberal – I am tolerant, but only of my view, I am off to my safe space now.

    Personally Mr Maloney, as we say down under, take a teaspoon of concrete and harden up

  • Khalus

    Yet he’d gladly continue to accept money from Trump supporters!

  • Donalda Freebird

    Actually, his employees could prosecute him. Not only is this unconstitutional (freedom of association, first amendment anyone?) but his actions have likely cost most of his employees their jobs anyway as his company will now go under. Foolish virtue signalling backfires again.

  • MavusiKenpachi

    He looks like one of those non-fabulous fags with daddy issues.

  • Once again the left show themselves to be the new fascists.

  • The Deplorable Chatterbox365

    Hey d ouchebag…did you forget that you are in America???

    You better lawyer up f ** ker.

    Boycott. Be sure to troll this idiot on social media.

  • Oybama

    Mr. Maloney is a fascist plain and simple.

  • MavusiKenpachi

    So tolerant

  • King Swahhilii

    Screw him. Never used that service and any future chance of doing so has now been eliminated.

  • newkat

    Maybe he can work for target

  • canuck

    Lets hope he takes food stamps for that is about all he will have left after the Trumpers and pro-Democracy folks leave.

  • KnowManIsle

    He wasn’t misunderstood. He just didn’t expect anyone to call him on his BS. Now he is trying to back-pedal because he realizes people will stand up to him and it will cost him some money.

    • Dayna Hamilton

      Liberals are so caught up in their own little bubble it’s inconceivable for them to think anyone could or would disagree with them.

  • chris comer

    Holding someones job over their head, because of their vote, and political beliefs is a violation of employment law. I wonder if he sent out any emails before the election, demanding or suggesting his employees vote against Trump, because that would be voter intimidation… The only thing someone should ever say to any of their employees about an election is “make sure you go vote” …. It’s sad that the liberal left is so intolerant of others rights and feelings .. I wonder how many responded with their resignation ..

  • Wilson Wong

    is there a problem to just say sorry these days? Misinterpret? misquoted?

    In trying to put yourself on some high moral ground you went far lower than Donald Trump in the end. When you tell people about a racist guy and yet you discriminate, that’s even worse.

  • mcd1948

    Nothing new here. Just another whining liberal crybaby.

  • Cuda

    The email, from the CEO is to be taken exactly as worded and if I worked there this asshole would be getting served a subpoena. He has broke just about ever code of ethics in business to boot and the only fair and equitable solution is for him to step down as CEO. There is no way to put this genie back in the bottle, he can not perform effectively and those with different views can no long feel comfortable working there, that or he needs to pony up massive severance packages for everyone feeling persecuted..yes that is exactly what this asshat has done!

  • none

    This is my point of with age and intelligence comes wisdom, something this guy has none of.
    He just actually was discriminating, something he only accuses of Trump.
    Take a lesson from liberal CEO of Apple to heal and come together as one people.

  • CB750Rider

    LOL, this is a prime example of what not to do in a Constitutional Republic that practices capitalism.
    This is an opportunity for a web developer and a delivery driver to fill a market niche that is just opening up. Hire all the people this jerk is asking to resign, and put him out of business.

  • ajs1210

    Proving once again, that money does not equate to intelligence.

  • The Reincarnated Sausage


    The idiot just destroyed his own business


    What a fucking imbecile

  • III%RedNeck


  • CoolBreeze

    What is great about this, now it is out, is that he has been protected by obscurity in his despotism at Grub Hub as CEO. Now it is out for all to see. He is in for a fun time now!

    Want to have some fun?

    Go to the App Store and add the Grub Hub App to your phone. Then go back to the App’s page in the App store and leave a review letting him know how you feel, and rate it 1 star. You can then remove the app from you phone. If you have an account cancel it.. I just did, and it was easy.

  • III%RedNeck

    Thanks Cool, working on it now!!!!!!

  • DrD2

    SUE and sue BIG!!!!

  • Robert Harbord Hamond

    Starbucks down 2% of days trading, says it all. Gold off heavily representing a time of peace and prosperity. Starbulk carriers going through the roof.

  • Realist4life

    Reading comprehension is weak with the right.
    “I have no problem with an employee voting for Trump,” he clarified. “I have no problem with an employee agreeing with Trump’s hateful statements. However, I will not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful speech at Grubhub, and I will stand up for our employees when they are demeaned or defamed.”

    • He’s the one demeaning Trump people. As always, Prog hypocrites.

      • Realist4life

        He’s demeaning Trump. He’s demeaning Trumps hateful rhetoric and makes it clear that behavior won’t fly in the company. Once again….reading comprehension.

  • Ken Pileggi

    Kick him in the pussy.

  • guy card

    Look at the immediate shift in their communication… that speaks volumes. So there is one conclusion to this: we should grab them where it hurts the most: Their wallet! All the fucked up celebs, all of this kind of services, manufacturers could go bankrupt within a year if the 50% can stay away from them for a while.

  • Denawc to encourage they fire their idiot CEO. Talk about “nazi” tactics, liberals like him excel in them.

  • Kat B

    Funny how Clinton supporters are even lambasting this jackass.

  • Laura Tortorice

    I guess this guy can kiss his business goodbye after alienating more than half the country! By the way, never heard of you and I’m glad!

  • BoomerBabe

    Sue the sob…what a buffoon.

  • Sheet Hade

    Trump’s rhetoric of ENFORCE THE LAW?

  • RdHdKid

    I can’t boycott them because they’re not in business here. But I travel a lot.

  • Sotiredofthis

    I wonder more about the co-workers and friends on the job. Are they standing against their conservative co-workers, who they may have eaten lunch with that day, or are they standing with them against a totalitarian boss? How do you look your co-worker in the eye, knowing you are supporting their termination based on the free exercise of their right to vote. This is how you divide people, by dehumanizing them. Will exercising your freedom to worship as you please be next? Any co-workers who support this boss should be ashamed of themselves. Look up King Christian of Denmark during WWII. When called on by the Germans to force his Jewish citizens to where a Star of David, he appeared with a Star on his own clothing, and all citizens stood together so no one could divide the Jews from society. Where is that kind of honor now?

  • ConCynic

    Was never going to be a customer of theirs anyway. Those who were should stop.

  • Rash Windborn

    POS CEO for POS Service. hope he goes bankrupt and spend the rest of his life on welfare.

  • Warren Stallings

    settle down, the jewish investment banker will reign him in and a severance pkg to disappear.

  • besc

    I wonder what his company would do if asked to cater a Trump event or a Blue Lives Matter event.

  • Bart

    He didn’t “mean” to say write what he wrote?!? Well, I didn’t “mean” to delete GrubHub’s Phone number from my phone…And I didn’t “mean” to never use their service again.

    When Obama won TWICE, conservatives didn’t riot, cancel classes to cry, or spew hatred and discrimination towards Obama supporters…Yet let a conservative win and the left does all of the above!

  • Vincent Van Halen

    Look at the smug mug on that idiot. HA! His echo chamber must be strong.

  • Gerald Michael

    Gee, first CEO Maloney issues a statement and then he retracts. He seems pretty indecisive. Maybe he should hire James Comey as an assistant.

  • Tony

    I’d be stoked to have received this email from Grubhub had I been an employee there. Then I would also be a millionaire.

  • Jayhawker

    Eatstreet is still better than GrubHub.

  • Everyone that works for him that voted Trump, Let him Fire you so you can collect unemployment at his expense.

  • worrierking

    This is wrong. I’m glad that everyone who is calling this guy out also called out the employers who made their employees attend a Romney rally four years ago, on their own time. And the companies like Cintas, Georgia Pacific, Papa John’s and others who told employees who to vote for.

  • Christopher White

    Grubhub will never see 1 cent of business from me. PERIOD.

  • 91B4S

    I travel a lot and found Grubhub a great convenience….I have, since reading this article, deleted their app from my phone and will no longer utilize a service that does not support the democratic process of America.

  • MyOpinionsareJustThat

    This “Trump Effect” is going to send a SHOCKWAVE through the country and any liberal business owner who dares to make the life hard of a Trump Supporter is going to get a front row seat to the show.
    The show is going to be the destruction of a PC, bullshit, slanted, fantasy based world that never was real.
    It’s Time to Get America Back On Track

    Also this is even with the couple that refused to make a cake for a gay wedding and was sued into oblivion for discrimination.
    Also, we are not hateful bigots we just don’t agree with your view is all cos, well, you are wrong.

  • Philip Marsala

    I’d tell this young punk, where to go and how to get there. With remarks such as his, who the hell does he think he is, ….God Almighty. Oh I forgot, that a punk kid like him doesn’t believe in God, he thinks his mental acumen is above such kid stuff as a god.

    Do yourself a favor BIG SHOT, and get LOST!!!!!

  • Smky19

    Aren’t Republicans the ones always complaining about Dems being so easily offended by everything? Yet, they are bent out of shape about this one man’s opinions. Not to mention, Republicans always the ones saying that business owners should have the right to run their companies however they want and service whoever they want without fear of backlash. The hypocrisy is rampant!

    • Joe Nason

      I am not offended. I do not get offended. This is an offense to freedom not to me personally. And I am a libertarian not a republican.

  • Vega

    He never said leave if you’re a trump fan. He said you’re not gonna use fear and intimidation like Trump does to get your way in his workplace. Quit acting like an angry mob and read the actual letter yourselves, fucking ingrates. There are hate crimes happening all over the country because of Trump being president. He’s telling his people he won’t allow that kind of behavior at grubhub. I don’t even use this app but I know common sense when I read it.

    • Joe Nason

      You may know common sense; but, you clearly struggle with actual reading comprehension. Nice try though.

      • Vega

        This is what gives me headache with people like you. You fail to see logic and prefer confirmation bias among your peers. I literally just laid out exactly what he said, you idiots are taking up arms based on his statement of an actual fact. Trump did use fear-mongering and scare tactics to muscle his way in. What the CEO said was that that behavior would not be tolerated in his workplace. It gives way to a hostile environment and anyone who thinks otherwise can kindly leave. I’m not a Trump or Clinton supporter, but I’m against idiots that choose to cherry-pick parts of a letter to form a half-truth.

        • Joe Nason

          Here is what did NOT happen: “I literally just laid out exactly what he said, …” And, here is what did happen: you paraphrased what he said and changed the meaning of his demand. These are his words exactly: “If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.” His words tell his employees that if they do not agree with his “statement” they should leave. His statement was a statement of opinion. As I said before, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I am neither a Trump nor Clinton supporter. I voted for Gary Johnson. And, I do support truth and lucidity.

      • Vega

        And what exactly does that comment even mean!?!?!? Common sense WOULD dictate I actually read and understood the implied theme here. You are literally the byproduct of a watered down education system.

    • Vindosenos

      He did indeed say that. He said “I absolutely reject the nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful
      politics of Donald Trump and will work to shield our community from this movement as best as I can,” And then followed that with: “If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here. We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.”

      He quite literally said anyone who works for him who supports Trump should resign.

  • ann

    Everyone needs to boycott this business AND all the employees he intends to kick out for their political preference SUE HIM big time.

  • Joe Nason
  • Michael Lang

    Fascist jerk is as fascist jerk does.

  • Dee

    CEO is setting himself up for a discrimination lawsuit!

  • Dayna Hamilton

    Isn’t discriminating like that against the law??

  • By the way, they also use following brands:

    Grubhub’s portfolio of brands includes Seamless, AllMenus, MenuPages, Restaurants on the Run, DiningIn, Delivered Dish and LAbite.
    You can use the online services to select your food and then just call the restaurant. It is often cheaper that way, too.

  • James Marini

    Looks like intolerance to me…

    Trump is not anti immigrant, he is anti ‘illegal’ immigrant.

    There is a strong correlation between illegal immigration and unemployment in the US and the majority of states in the US with the highest concentrations of illegal immigrants are ‘DEMOCRAT’ and Hilarity supporters.

    Not only have corporations been waging war on the workforce by offshoring labour and manufacturing these last few decades, there are businesses in the US with a clear policy to ‘import cheap illegal labour’.

    The illegal migrants are not risking their lives in crossing the Rio Grande to go on Job Boom using Starbucks wifi in San Fran…they already have jobs lined up for them when they arrive.

    Businesses that employ illegal immigrants avoid dealing with unions, paying benefits and can pay wages that are below required state minimums increasing profits by decreasing operating costs. Labour is considered a liability not an asset.

    Grime Hub is involved with restaurants and the food and agricultural industry. Not saying they employ illegals but there are certainly elements within that industry who do and do not want their status quo arrangement to change anytime soon.

    We’ll see if Trump delivers and restores the workforce because every job given to an illegal is one taken from a legal immigrant and citizen

  • CuckLivesMatter

    Looking at their stocks go down by almost 5% today, when are the shareholders going to ask for his resignation because they do not agree with his awful business decision?

  • Caleb Donley

    He says ” we have worked for years cultivating a culture of support and inclusiveness. I firmly believe that we must bring together different perspectives to continue innovating including all genders, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations, cultural or IDEOLOGICAL PREFERENCES.” Doesn’t sound like you’re living up to your own words Matt Maloney.

  • Sue Pachunk

    If discrimination and hateful political speech have no place there, the only satisfactory outcome is his immediate resignation.

  • Dave J

    There is some serious hypocrisy in these comments. When someone is discriminated in hiring for their appearance, their sexuality, their hijab, you don’t bat an eye. Something along the lines of “I can hire and fire whomever I want,” right? Suddenly, a CEO refuses to tolerate hateful opinions and attitudes and it’s the end of the world? Hmm..

  • David Doyle James

    Stupid is as stupid does, and how stupid can you get Matt?
    Note: You weren’t the first grocery delivery service to fail, just the first to fail in a big way.

  • disqus_x2QORMGj6t

    Maloney is baloney, his company is a phoney, they will no more get my money

  • Robert Mull

    So now people are dumping him for being an azz.. Is life not grand to teach these open minded liberals a lesson…..

  • Bob

    How inclusive.

  • The Deplorable Chatterbox365

    Arrogant liberal a$$ d ouchebag. You guys should check out their Yelp, Twitter and Facebook. They are rightfully getting trolled.

    “tolerance for me, but not for thee…”

  • Jimandjill Craft

    If all your employees who support Trump resigns, you wont have any employees because if they supported Killary, they wouldnt work!!!

  • Derrick

    What the fuck is Grub hub? Who cares. If will cease to exist in a year.

  • I wish I worked for him….so now I could retire with my multi million dollar settlement…..this guy is done and so is his company……what trump supporter would ever buy anything from him again?…..this guy is a total fool.

  • 88Inator

    CEO of Starbucks came out and said he didn’t want anyone’s business if they didn’t agree with his political view… people just keep drinking that burnt, over priced shit for coffee swill. No boycott. Not about employees, just the deplorables. He needs this same outrage. Boycott #GrubHub #Starbucks

  • Dixie Normus

    Seamless is owned by Grubhub. Boycott Seamless as well. Who the hell even uses grubhub?

  • Steve Randolph

    Happy to see the stock value of GrubHub tanking while the rest of the market is setting new record highs. Hey Maloney, that should be a message that even someone as narrow minded as you should understand.

  • Jim Franklin

    Hey Matt, I will NEVER use Grub Hub again. The very intolerance you seem to think Trump and his supporters represent, you are Guilty of, and you’re too stupid to even realize it. Think about that as Grub Hubs Stock fall…..

  • 72demon

    He is back peddling at warp speed now since he sees his stock tanking…

  • Giorgos Christian

    more proof that the democ-rats use the term euphimistically, it sells, gfy grubhub/baloney

  • Chrissums

    I am a Veteran IT Systems Engineer. If I worked for this guy and he even remotely made me feel uncomfortable about my political beliefs, I would hand him the resignation that he so desires. And, while I am walking out, his company would be implementing their Information Tech D.R. and Business Continuity plans in full force. “Holy shit. The backups are scrubbed”.

  • Dirty_Martini

    See what happens if you hang around with the wrong kind of people…. nothing but TROUBLE! These people “inspire” you DO and SAY stupid things, which lead to a loss of reputation, loss of customers, loss of revenues, etc……. the wrong kind of people.

  • cedonn

    It’s more than a vote, it’s a declaration of hate and war

  • Reptiles Rule The World

    So the idiot says Trump is intolerant If all employees who support Trump should resign that make Matt Bologna intolerant and a diciple of the Trump school correct. More alike than he thought.

  • Scott Gordon

    Matt Malone,

    In order to set things straight you should have mass hirings of Muslims Blacks and Mexicans to work along side these embracers of hate and racism. they will either show their hand or quit. either way it benefits Grub Hub

  • neil5

    What a liberal douche